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Works by Aristophanes
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Well said, indeed! Now go and purify yourselves for entering the

Acropolis, where the women invite you to supper; we will empty our

provision baskets to do you honour. At table, you will exchange

oaths and pledges; then each man will go home with his wife.


Come along then, and as quick as may be.


Lead on; I'm your man.


Quick, quick's the word, say I.

(They follow LYSISTRATA into the Acropolis.)


Embroidered stuffs, and dainty tunics, and flowing gowns, and

golden ornaments, everything I have, I offer them to you with all my

heart; take them all for your children, for your girls, in case they

are chosen Canephori. I invite you every one to enter, come in and

choose whatever you will; there is nothing so well fastened, you

cannot break the seals, and carry away the contents. Look about you

everywhere. . . you won't find a blessed thing, unless you have

sharper eyes than mine. And if any of you lacks corn to feed his

slaves and his young and numerous family, why, I have a few grains

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