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of wheat at home; let him take what I have to give, a big twelve-pound

loaf included. So let my poorer neighbours all come with bags and

wallets; my man, Manes, shall give them corn; but I warn them not to

come near my door, but-beware the dog!

(Another MAGISTRATE enters, and begins knocking at the gate.)


I say, you, open the door! (To the WOMEN) Go your way, I tell

you. (As the women sit down in front of the gate) Why, bless me,

they're sitting down now; I shall have to singe 'em with my torch to

make 'em stir! What impudence! I won't take this. Oh, well, if it's

absolutely necessary, just to please you, we'll have to take the



And I'll share it with you.

(He brandishes the torch he is carrying and the CHORUS OF WOMEN

departs. The CHORUS OF OLD MEN follows shortly after.)


No, no, you must be off-or I'll tear your hair out, I will; be

off, I say, and don't annoy the Laconian envoys; they're just coming

out from the banquet-ball.

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