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Such a merry banquet I've never seen before! The Laconians were

simply charming. After the drink is in, why, we're all wise men, every

one of us.


It's only natural, to be sure, for sober, we're all fools. Take my

advice, my fellow-countrymen, our envoys should always be drunk. We go

to Sparta; we enter the city sober; why, we must be picking a

quarrel directly. We don't understand what they say to us, we

imagine a lot they don't say at all, and we report home all wrong, all

topsy-urvy. But, look you, to-day it's quite different; we're

enchanted whatever happens; instead of Clitagora, they might sing us

Telamon, and we should clap our hands just the same. A perjury or

two into the bargain, why! What does that matter to merry companions

in their cups? (The two CHORUSES return.) But here they are back

again! Will you begone, you loafing scoundrels.

(The CHORUSES retire again.)


Ah ha! here's the company coming out already.

(Two choruses, one Laconian and one Athenian, enter, dancing to

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