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the music of flutes; they are followed by the women under the

leadership of LYSISTRATA.)


My dear, sweet friend, come, take your flute in hand; I would fain

dance and sing my best in honour of the Athenians and our noble



Yes, take your flute, in the gods'name. What a delight to see

him dance!

LACONIAN (dancing and singing)

Oh! Mnemosyne! inspire these men, inspire my muse who knows our

exploits and those of the Athenians. With what a god-like ardour did

they swoop down at Artemisium on the ships of the Medes! What a

glorious victory was that! For the soldiers of Leonidas, they were

like fierce boars whetting their tusks. The sweat ran down their

faces, and drenched all their limbs, for verily the Persians were as

many as the sands of the seashore. Oh! Artemis, huntress queen,

whose arrows pierce the denizens of the woods, virgin goddess, be thou

favourable to the peace we here conclude; through thee may our

hearts be long united! May this treaty draw close for ever the bonds

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