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of a happy friendship! No more wiles and stratagems! Aid us, oh! aid

us, maiden huntress!


All is for the best; and now, Laconians, take your wives away home

with you, and you, Athenians, yours. May husband live happily with

wife, and wife with husband. Dance, dance, to celebrate our bliss, and

let us be heedful to avoid like mistakes for the future.


Appear, appear, dancers, and the Graces with you! Let us invoke,

one and all, Artemis, and her heavenly brother, gracious Apollo,

patron of the dance, and Dionysus, whose eye darts flame, as he

steps forward surrounded by the Maenad maids, and Zeus, who wields the

flashing lightning, and his august, thrice-blessed spouse, the Queen

of Heaven! These let us invoke, and all the other gods, calling all

the inhabitants of the skies to witness the noble Peace now

concluded under the fond auspices of Aphrodite. Io Paean! Io Paean!

dance, leap, as in honour of a victory won. Euoi! Euoi! Euai! Euai!


And you, our Laconian guests, sing us a new and inspiring strain!

LACONIAN (singing)

Leave once more, oh! leave once more the noble height of Taygetus,

oh! Muse of Lacedaemon, and join us in singing the praises of Apollo

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