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of Amyclae, and Athene of the Brazen House, and the gallant twin

sons of Tyndareus, who practise arms on the banks of the Eurotas

river. Haste, haste hither with nimble-footed pace, let us sing

Sparta, the city that delights in choruses divinely sweet and graceful

dances, when our maidens bound lightly by the river side, like

frolicsome fillies, beating the ground with rapid steps and shaking

their long locks in the wind, as Bacchantes wave their wands in the

wild revels of the Wine-god. At their head, oh! chaste and beauteous

goddess, daughter of Leto, Artemis, do thou lead the song and dance.

With a fillet binding thy waving tresses, appear in thy loveliness;

leap like a fawn, strike thy divine hands together to animate the

dance, and aid us to renown the valiant goddess of battles, great

Athene of the Brazen House!

(All depart, singing and dancing.)


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