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(SCENE:-At the base of the Orchestra are two buildings, the house

of LYSISTRATA and the entrance to the Acropolis; a winding and

narrow path leads up to the latter. Between the two buildings is the

opening of the Cave of Pan. LYSISTRATA is pacing up and down in

front of her house.)


Ah! if only they had been invited to a Bacchic revelling, or a

feast of Pan or Aphrodite or Genetyllis, why! the streets would have

been impassable for the thronging tambourines! Now there's never a

woman here-ah! except my neighbour Cleonice, whom I see approaching

yonder.... Good day, Cleonice.


Good day, Lysistrata; but pray, why this dark, forbidding face, my

dear? Believe me, you don't look a bit pretty with those black

lowering brows.


Oh, Cleonice, my heart is on fire; I blush for our sex. Men will

have it we are tricky and sly....


And they are quite right, upon my word!


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