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Works by Aristophanes
Pages of Lysistrata

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It's seven long months since mine left for Pylos.


As for mine, if he ever does return from service, he's no sooner

home than he takes down his shield again and flies back to the wars.


And not so much as the shadow of a lover! Since the day the

Milesians betrayed us, I have never once seen an eight-inch gadget

even, to be a leathern consolation to us poor widows.... Now tell

me, if I have discovered a means of ending the war, will you all

second me?


Yes verily, by all the goddesses, I swear I will, though I have to

put my gown in pawn, and drink the money the same day.


And so will I, though I must be split in two like a flat-fish, and

have half myself removed.


And I too; why to secure peace, I would climb to the top of

Mount Taygetus.


Then I will out with it at last, my mighty secret! Oh! sister

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