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common sense.

MAGISTRATE (jumping nervously, then striving manfully to regain his


Really, my fine lady! Where is my officer? I want him to tie

that woman's hands behind her back.


By Artemis, the virgin goddess! if he touches me with the tip of

his finger, officer of the public peace though he be, let him look out

for himself!

(The first Scythian defecates in terror.)

MAGISTRATE (to another officer)

How now, are you afraid? Seize her, I tell you, round the body.

Two of you at her, and have done with it!


By Pandrosos! if you lay a hand on her, Ill trample you

underfoot till the crap comes out of you!

(The second Scythian defecates in terror.)


Look at the mess you've made! Where is there another officer? (To

the third Scythian)
Bind that minx first, the one who speaks so


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