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inside out, some important turn of affairs. Then with sad hearts,

but smiling lips, we would ask you: Well, in today's Assembly did they

vote peace?-But, "Mind your own business!" the husband would growl,

"Hold your tongue, please!" And we would say no more.


I would not have held my tongue though, not I!


You would have been reduced to silence by blows then.


Well, for my part, I would say no more. But presently I would come

to know you had arrived at some fresh decision more fatally foolish

than ever. "Ah! my dear man," I would say, "what madness next!" But he

would only look at me askance and say: "Just weave your web, please;

else your cheeks will smart for hours. War is men's business!"


Bravo! well said indeed!


How now, wretched man? not to let us contend against your

follies was bad enough! But presently we heard you asking out loud

in the open street: "Is there never a man left in Athens?" and, "No,

not one, not one," you were assured in reply. Then, then we made up

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