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When we are winding thread, and it is tangled, we pass the spool

across and through the skein, now this way, now that way; even so,

to finish of the war, we shall send embassies hither and thither and

everywhere, to disentangle matters.


And is it with your yarn, and your skeins, and your spools, you

think to appease so many bitter enmities, you silly women?


If only you had common sense, you would always do in politics

the same as we do with our yarn.


Come, how is that, eh?


First we wash the yarn to separate the grease and filth; do the

same with all bad citizens, sort them out and drive them forth with

rods-they're the refuse of the city. Then for all such as come

crowding up in search of employments and offices, we must card them

thoroughly; then, to bring them all to the same standard, pitch them

pell-mell into the same basket, resident aliens or no, allies, debtors

to the State, all mixed up together. Then as for our Colonies, you

must think of them as so many isolated hanks; find the ends of the

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