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Works by Aristophanes
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of all those squadrons of Amazons Micon has painted for us engaged

in hand-to-hand combat with men. Come then, we must now fit collars to

all these willing necks.


By the blessed goddesses, if you anger me, I will let loose the

beast of my evil passions, and a very hailstorm of blows will set

you yelling for help. Come, dames, off with your tunics, and quick's

the word; women must smell the smell of women in the throes of

passion.... Now just you dare to measure strength with me, old

greybeard, and I warrant you you'll never eat garlic or black beans

any more. No, not a word! my anger is at boiling point, and I'll do

with you what the beetle did with the eagle's eggs.


I laugh at your threats, so long as I have on my side Lampito

here, and the noble Theban, my dear Ismenia.... Pass decree on decree,

you can do us no hurt, you wretch abhorred of all your fellows. Why,

only yesterday, on occasion of the feast of Hecate, I asked my

neighbours of Boeotia for one of their daughters for whom my girls

have a lively liking -a fine, fat eel to wit; and if they did not

refuse, all along of your silly decrees! We shall never cease to

suffer the like, till some one gives you a neat trip-up and breaks

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