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slave is said to be the slave. On the other hand, if, of two

correlatives, one is not correctly termed, then, when all other

attributes are removed and that alone is left in virtue of which it

was stated to be correlative, the stated correlation will be found

to have disappeared.

For suppose the correlative of 'the slave' should be said to be 'the

man', or the correlative of 'the wing"the bird'; if the attribute

'master' be withdrawn from' the man', the correlation between 'the

man' and 'the slave' will cease to exist, for if the man is not a

master, the slave is not a slave. Similarly, if the attribute 'winged'

be withdrawn from 'the bird', 'the wing' will no longer be relative;

for if the so-called correlative is not winged, it follows that 'the

wing' has no correlative.

Thus it is essential that the correlated terms should be exactly

designated; if there is a name existing, the statement will be easy;

if not, it is doubtless our duty to construct names. When the

terminology is thus correct, it is evident that all correlatives are


Correlatives are thought to come into existence simultaneously. This

is for the most part true, as in the case of the double and the

half. The existence of the half necessitates the existence of that

of which it is a half. Similarly the existence of a master

necessitates the existence of a slave, and that of a slave implies

that of a master; these are merely instances of a general rule.

Moreover, they cancel one another; for if there is no double it

follows that there is no half, and vice versa; this rule also

applies to all such correlatives. Yet it does not appear to be true in

all cases that correlatives come into existence simultaneously. The

object of knowledge would appear to exist before knowledge itself, for

it is usually the case that we acquire knowledge of objects already

existing; it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a branch

of knowledge the beginning of the existence of which was

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