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Now since there must be a region bearing the same relation to the

southern pole as the place we live in bears to our pole, it will

clearly correspond in the ordering of its winds as well as in other

things. So just as we have a north wind here, they must have a

corresponding wind from the antarctic. This wind cannot reach us since

our own north wind is like a land breeze and does not even reach the

limits of the region we live in. The prevalence of north winds here is

due to our lying near the north. Yet even here they give out and

fail to penetrate far: in the southern sea beyond Libya east and

west winds are always blowing alternately, like north and south

winds with us. So it is clear that the south wind is not the wind that

blows from the south pole. It is neither that nor the wind from the

winter tropic. For symmetry would require another wind blowing from

the summer tropic, which there is not, since we know that only one

wind blows from that quarter. So the south wind clearly blows from the

torrid region. Now the sun is so near to that region that it has no

water, or snow which might melt and cause Etesiae. But because that

place is far more extensive and open the south wind is greater and

stronger and warmer than the north and penetrates farther to the north

than the north wind does to the south.

The origin of these winds and their relation to one another has

now been explained.


Let us now explain the position of the winds, their oppositions,

which can blow simultaneously with which, and which cannot, their

names and number, and any other of their affections that have not been

treated in the 'particular questions'. What we say about their

position must be followed with the help of the figure. For

clearness' sake we have drawn the circle of the horizon, which is

round, but it represents the zone in which we live; for that can be

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