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On Generation and corruption   

On the contrary, this is where the whole error lies. For unqualified

coming-to-be and passing-away are not effected by 'association' and

'dissociation'. They take place when a thing changes, from this to

that, as a whole. But the philosophers we are criticizing suppose that

all such change is 'alteration': whereas in fact there is a

difference. For in that which underlies the change there is a factor

corresponding to the definition and there is a material factor.

When, then, the change is in these constitutive factors, there will be

coming-to-be or passing-away: but when it is in the thing's qualities,

i.e. a change of the thing per accidents, there will be 'alteration'.

'Dissociation' and 'association' affect the thing's susceptibility

to passing-away. For if water has first been 'dissociated' into

smallish drops, air comes-to-be out of it more quickly: while, if

drops of water have first been 'associated', air comes-to-be more

slowly. Our doctrine will become clearer in the sequel.' Meantime,

so much may be taken as established-viz. that coming-to-be cannot be

'association', at least not the kind of 'association' some

philosophers assert it to be.


Now that we have established the preceding distinctions, we must

first consider whether there is anything which comes-to-be and

passes-away in the unqualified sense: or whether nothing comes-to-be

in this strict sense, but everything always comes-to-be something

and out of something-I mean, e.g. comes-to-be-healthy out of being-ill

and ill out of being-healthy, comes-to-be-small out of being big and

big out of being-small, and so on in every other instance. For if

there is to be coming-to-be without qualification, 'something'

must-without qualification-'come-to-be out of not-being', so that it

would be true to say that 'not-being is an attribute of some

things'. For qualified coming-to-be is a process out of qualified

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