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On Interpratation   

subjoined table will make matters clear:

A. Affirmation B. Denial

Man is just Man is not just




D. Denial C. Affirmation

Man is not not-just Man is not-just

Here 'is' and 'is not' are added either to 'just' or to 'not-just'.

This then is the proper scheme for these propositions, as has been

said in the Analytics. The same rule holds good, if the subject is

distributed. Thus we have the table:

A'. Affirmation B'. Denial

Every man is just Not every man is just



D'. Denial / C'. Affirmation

Not every man is not-just Every man is not-just

Yet here it is not possible, in the same way as in the former case,

that the propositions joined in the table by a diagonal line should

both be true; though under certain circumstances this is the case.

We have thus set out two pairs of opposite propositions; there are

moreover two other pairs, if a term be conjoined with 'not-man', the

latter forming a kind of subject. Thus:

A." B."

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